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Before the rise of Drones roof inspection were costly, time consuming and in many cases dangerous. 

Inspection crews have to scan for problems and assess existing issues to see what repairs are needed. Traditionally, that comes with additional risks and challenges, from causing further damage during the inspection to grappling with poor visibility and struggling to reach inaccessible areas.

Drone technology is simplyfying the process. With an eye in the skyless time can be spent in precarious environments fewer tools are needed for inspection and everything is done faster. 


Before any inspection is undertaken it's important to clarify the end goal. A successful mission might just be a few high quality aerial photographs.

These images might be enough to determine if anything needs to be done.

For more complex propoerty management missions the best use of drone technology may be to gather cloud point data that can be used to build a 3D model of the roof in question. All stakeholders can then share and navigate this model to inspect damaged areas and important structural details.

Or, Video might be the way to go.....

Gutters, chimneys and heating ventilation and HVAC units might all require observation from different angles and closer looks so property management teams may want to be present during the flight to direct operations in real-time.

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